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Spectrum 12P & 15P
Single Motor Upright Vacuums

Better dirt pickup. Better filtration. Better value.

Nilfisk's 12 and 15 inch Spectrum single-motor upright vacuums deliver superior results with performance where it matters most: dirt pickup and filtration. Upright vacuums rely on a combination of dirt pickup to remove soil from carpets and filtration to ensure that dust and other airborne particles stay captured. Spectrum's innovative design has earned the CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) Seal of Approval -- signifying that Spectrum meets the industry's newest dirt pickup and filtration standards for vacuum performance.

Despite its budget-friendly price tag, Spectrum outperforms more expensive upright vacuums with its superior dirt pickup power. The two-stage, 1,000 watt motor in Spectrum vacuums allows operators to pull dirt and dust from carpets in a single cleaning pass. The unique design of the power head creates a seal with the carpet surface to agitate and capture dirt and dust that other vacuums miss. Not only will carpets look cleaner, but single-pass cleaning will also increase productivity.

  • 50 ft safety yellow cord
  • Heavy duty cord restraint
  • Adjustable height handle
  • Convenient front handle for lifting
  • Certified H.E.P.A. filter
  • Easy release foot pedal
  • Easy to adjust brush height
  • Tools-free removable brush
  • Non-marking wrap-around bumper
Spectrum 12P & 15P
Spectrum 12P/15P Parts List
Spectrum 12P/15P Fact Sheet
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