Nilfisk Canada central vacuum systems

Nilfisk-Advance Canada central vacuums
UZ 964 Ergoclean EC
Cleaning in crowded areas

The obvious choice for vacuum cleaning in theatres, cinemas, shops, coaches and aircraft and a great complementary duster. Nilfisk UZ 964 makes cleaning in hard-to-navigate places easy.

Nilfisk UZ 964 rests comfortably on operator's hips. There is no back or shoulder straining. Also perfect for spot cleaning. Accessories are stored on the belt.

  • Machine weighs only 2,9 kg, and rests comfortably on operator's hips
  • Left or right hand operation
  • HEPA filter and a wide range of nozzles for special applications are available
  • Aircraft version available, 110V/400Hz
UZ 964 Ergoclean EC
UZ 964 Operator’s Manual
UZ 964 Parts List
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