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VP 300 Eco
Simple and Effective

Nilfisk VP 300, previously called GD 111, is a truly innovative commercial vacuum cleaner with an ergonomic design. Full consideration is given to the need for low operating costs and high productivity. Ideal for offices, hotel rooms and shops.

A patented noise reduction system makes cleaning quieter and reduces unpleasant high frequency sound waves. The Nilfisk VP 300 is 20% lighter than other vacuums in its class, has 20% greater suction power and 8 litre dust bag filling. It produces optimum suction power without sacrificing ergonomic considerations.

  • Noise reduction system allows for quiet cleaning at any time of the day
  • Optimal suction power
  • Its 4,7 kg, large rear wheels and rotating front wheels make it light and easy to manouvre
  • Robust chassis made of recyclable polypropylene and ABS
  • Motor pre filter protection against dust deposition on fan units
VP 300 Eco
VP 300/GD 111 Parts List
VP 300/GD 111 Fact Sheet
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