Nilfisk Canada central vacuum systems

Nilfisk-Advance Canada central vacuums

Who is Nilfisk?

Founded in Denmark in 1906 and producing vacuums since 1909, Nilfisk-Advance is a modern, innovative company with sales in almost all countries around the globe.

We are the world’s largest supplier of professional cleaning equipment with factories in China, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, and United States.

Nilfisk has been selling central vacuums since 1988 and has been manufacturing them since 1993. The European line of high performance, quiet, HEPA central vacuums was introduced in Europe in early 2004. Power units are designed, engineered and tested in Denmark and produced in Hungary with parts from across the European Union.

Nilfisk established a warehouse in Canada in 1965 -- keeping Canadian households & institutions clean for almost 50 years.

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